We’re looking for twenty-four bands for the play downs at Moose McGuires this February – your band could win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH!


Please send us three original tunes in M-P-3 format to 

**DEADLINE for entries is January 26 at Midnight**


All entries will be listened to and chosen by REBEL Programming Staff.  Playdown bands will be contacted by REBEL 101.7 no later than January 31st for playdown schedules. 


Playdown nights are February 3; February 10; February 17; February 24; March 3; March 10; March 24 and March 31.  The TOP 3 highest scoring bands from all of the Playdowns will go on to the Finals the week of April 16.



The following equipment will be supplied for each Playdown evening:

  • Yamaha drum kit, 22” kick, 10,12,14” Toms and  a 14” snare.
  • Ibanez Head and Marshall 4×12
  • Fender Rumble 150 Bass Amp
  • 2 Fender Hot Rod Deluxes
  • Full P.A. w/ Monitors
  • Full Lights
  • 4 Mic stands, 4x sm58, 2x sm57
  • All bands must use backline provided
  • Drummers must bring own cymbals, and guitar players can bring pedals, but must use amps supplied
  • Once sound check is done, equipment is not to be used, and volumes not messed with. 
  • Band banners are allowed, but must be affixed to mounting screws with zipties.  No tape
  • Merch is allowed there will be an area set up for that
  • 40 minute set length is the goal, cannot go under 35 mins or over 45 or will be penalized
  • 20 Min Changeovers, with a timer.  If band takes longer than 20 mins then a vote is deducted for every minute
  • All bands making the Playdown nights MUST be at Moose McGuire’s at 7pm, soundcheck, then a coin is flipped to see order of who goes on first to last
  • Voting Wristbands are sold for 1$ or 2$ from 8pm until the last band is done.   Votes are collected after the last song. 
  • The voting boxes will be on stage and Moose McGuire’s representatives will cut off wristbands into the corresponding bands box
  • Moose McGuire’s with REBEL Representative will then count votes in back room with a band rep from each band who played that specific evening



REBEL 101.7’s REAL ROCK SEARCH to you from Moose McGuire’s,  3320 McCarthy Road and Ottawa’s REAL Rock,  REBEL 101.7