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Monday to Friday

6am – 10am: Kornicky in the Morning

10am – 12pm: Commercial Free!

12pm – 3pm: Carlee Quinn

3pm – 7pm:

7pm – Midinte: SIXX Sense with Nikki and Jenn

Wednesday midnight to 2am: Loaded Radio


6am – 11am: Rebel Weekends

11am-5pm: Rebel Weekends with Darryl Spring

5pm – 7pm: The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx

7pm – 9pm: Rebel Saturday Night!

9pm – 11pm; Loaded Radio


6am – 9am: Rebel Weekends

9am – 11am: The Naked Lunch, Rock Stripped Down

11am – 5pm: Rebel Weekends with Darryl Spring

5pm – 12am: Rebel Weekends